Terms and Condition

Valid for the international “Alpaca Show South” and the international “World of Alpacas”. With your participation you accept the following conditions:

Please note! The organizer is not liable for any objects, fleece and animals that are lost before, after and during the exhibition. This applies in particular to show nonwovens and nonwovens that are sent back. The same applies to all animals that are injured, become ill or die. Danger!!! For safety reasons, to avoid injuries to the alpaca, we strongly advise removing halters from the animals during the night!!! Furthermore, the organizer is not responsible for missing participation in the rings of the competitions.
Eyes of animals are free to cut!

Consent: By participating, you agree that your name and business address will be published. In addition, there may be the possibility that photos of your animals, your goods and you will be published and distributed via our electronic media. In addition, you agree to receive regular information via our e-mail distribution list.

Organizer: Alpaka Marketing Kuhne-Pfaff & Klink GbR Colony 3, 86836 Obermeitingen, info@alpaka-schau.de, www.alpaka-schau.de

Housekeeping times for the animals: see buoyancy ordinance

Set-up times for the stands: Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Closure of the halls: Friday 9 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m.

Opening hours for participants: on Saturday from 7 a.m., on Sunday from 7 a.m

Dismantling the show: This must be dismantled by 8 p.m. on Sunday at the latest. Everyone helps!

Contact person for alpaca breeders & fleeces: Simon Klink, im Feldle 5, 73553 Alfdorf-Buchengehren, telephone: 0151 / 17811635, e-mail: simon.klink@gmx.de

Contact person for booth exhibitors & advertisements: Heinz Kuhne-Pfaff, Colony 3, 86836 Obermeitingen, Telephone: 0170 / 99 05 128, email: kuhne-pfaff@t-online.de

Registration: see registration forms under Downloads

Payment: You will receive an invoice approx. three weeks before the show. This is to be paid by bank transfer 8 days after receipt of the invoice without deduction. No participation in the alpaca show without payment!

Deposit: No deposit will be charged! If the exhibition space and the pit space are not dismantled in a clean condition, an invoice for dismantling and cleaning costs will be charged! All animal manure is to be taken to the dung heap. Cable ties do not belong in the animal manure, please in the residual waste! Own waste such as carpets, painter’s fleece, etc. must be disposed of in the container provided. Keep your location clean and take care of it with your own cleaning material!

Arrival: All exhibitors must report to the show staff at the stalling area on arrival before unloading. After that, they will be assigned their exhibition space and will be given their show documents, starting numbers, etc. Animal exhibitors will have their documents ready and will show them to the show staff. Only then can the animals be unloaded and at the same time the identification (chip) of the animals is checked. Only now can the animals be stabled.

Animal boxes: In Ilshofen, the boses are 2.25 x 2.50 meters in size. In Osterhofen, the large animal boxes measure 3.40 x 3.40 meters and 6 adult or 8 young alpacas can be accommodated here. The limited animal boxes measuring 3.50 x 175 meters here can house 3 adult and 4 young alpacas. The number of animal boxes for each individual is ultimately determined by the organizer! The name is given on the boxes. Attaching advertising to the boxes and others is possible with the help of tape or similar. The animal boxes should ideally be lined with a painter’s fleece to protect the exhibition floor or other suitable material for the animals (straw). Bring your own water buckets. The space in front of the animal boxes must be kept to a minimum, as the aisles must remain free for the safety of visitors. The allocation of the boxes and exhibition stands is done by the organizer.

Dogs: According to the Animal Welfare Act, dogs are no longer allowed for events of this kind.

ID cards: Each exhibitor receives an ID card, which must be worn otherwise an entry fee will be charged.

Electricity: Is provided by the central network for exhibitors who have booked an electricity connection. The exhibitor must use his own cable reel to connect to the socket. For safety reasons, freely laid cables must be covered with carpets and taped over. Avoid overloading the network.

Disputes regarding the AAB: Disputes must be addressed immediately to the exhibition management. We will endeavor to clarify this together immediately.

Disputes about the show evaluation: The judge generally deals with this in his/her national language.

Unfair competition: The exhibitor is obliged to refrain from all actions and measures during the alpaca show that represent a breach of good faith or against the provisions of the law and against unfair competition towards other exhibitors.
Withdrawal by the exhibitor: The invoice must be paid within 8 days of receipt. In the case of cancellation from the 56th to the 42nd day, 25% of the invoice amount will be charged, from the 42nd to the 28th day 50%, from the 28th to the 14th day 75%, from the 14th day the full invoice amount is due for payment.

Force majeure: If the exhibition does not take place for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible or for which there are compelling reasons, in the event of force majeure, fees paid, stand rent, advertising entries, entrance tickets, rent for electricity and tables will not be reimbursed. If the exhibition that has already opened has to be canceled due to unforeseen events, the organizer is not obliged to repay rent and fees or parts thereof. If the organizer is forced to change the date of the show, the duration or the opening times for the above reasons, the exhibitor cannot derive any right to withdraw. The claim for damages is excluded in any case.

Security: The exhibition grounds are guarded. The closing times must be observed. Exhibitor passes must be worn. Irrespective of this, each exhibitor must take care of his own exhibits. Personnel are not permitted on the stand during the night. All parking lights and fans must be switched off at night.

Order and safety: Each exhibitor is responsible for operational safety and compliance with occupational health and safety and accident prevention regulations on their stand. Aisles, gates and exits must be kept clear. Please note: Emergency exit doors may only be opened in emergencies or serious situations. Blocking the rescue lanes with parked cars in the outdoor area in front of the halls must be observed.

Fire protection: The relevant regulations must be observed. The use of gas cylinders and open flames is strictly prohibited. Electrical devices must be switched off at night. Smoking is prohibited throughout the exhibition grounds and in the restaurant. Smoking areas are available in front of the halls.

Food and drinks: The sale of food and drinks is only permitted with the agreement of the organizer. The provider is obliged to obtain and comply with the necessary permits. The business and restaurant area must be returned clean and tidy.
Liability of the exhibitor: The exhibitor is liable for all damage culpably caused by himself, his employees and agents or his exhibits, including exposed cables, fans that have caught fire and animals.

Liability of the organiser: The organizer is not liable for damage caused to persons, animals or property during the stay or accommodation on the entire exhibition site. The organizer is not liable for consequential damage caused by the event.

Insurance: It is recommended for every exhibitor to take out insurance against liability risk and against all possible risks.
Assertion of claims: In order to safeguard claims, a written notification must be made immediately to the insurance company, the organizer and, in cases of tortious acts, also to the police in the event of damage.

Obligation: With his registration for the show (this is binding), the exhibitor accepts the above GTC. The place of jurisdiction is Augsburg. The house rules and the requirements of the district offices must be observed.

Remember, you and the organizer are guests in the event halls!

Return ticket online shop:
According to German online ticket sales law, Alpaka Marketing
Kuhne-Pfaff & Klink GbR is not obliged to reimburse WAC tickets that have already been paid for. A refund by the organizer is not possible.

Bus excursions from the supporting program are refundable in the event of cancellation according to the conditions of the tour operator Vogt.

The General Exhibitor Conditions also apply to the Alpaca Show, which can be found at: www.alpaka-schau.de under “Downloads”

Status: 05/26/2022